Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Three Year Angelversary

(drawn by our 8 year old Hattie)

     What is the definition of a family?  There are countless answers to this depending upon where and how you were raised and who took a part in your social growth.  However, what every true family has in common is that it is made up of the people who are most important in our lives.
     Our family is unique since it is a combination of two families brought together by the loss of a loved one.  Our beloved Spring and Casey both passed away due to cancer in January 2014.  Cancer is a difficult hardship to endure and they faithfully fought with everything they had.  While it was not easy, they endured it well and endured to the end of their given time on this Earth.  
     It has been three whole years since we have seen their smiles, heard their voices and exuberant laughter, grasped their hands and touched their radiant cheeks.  Three years is a long time...but never has one day gone by since then that we have not thought about how much we love and miss them.  It would take a lifetime to list all of their cherished qualities that are treasured and missed every second of every day.  However we will continue to always strive to engrave each and every one of them into our hearts every moment we are given.
     As every year on their Angelversarys' I reflect back upon everything our family has accomplished and how each member has grown.  As I visualize all of the monumental things, one in particular stands out that I would like to share.  In August 2016 Heavenly Father blessed our family with a new little one.  We lovingly refer to her as the "icing on our cake".  She has Mom, Dad and all of her siblings wrapped around her cute little finger.  When her adorable little cry is heard she has many of us tripping over one another to rush to her immediate assistance.  She was blessed with a sweet spirit and has brought our Family even closer together.  
     Even through all of the hard times our family is uniquely blessed to have our two Angels watching over us and a Family who loves and cares for one another.   Here's to another year and may we be blessed to gracefully endure any and all challenges that come our way.
     Spring and Casey we love and miss you immensely...but we want to let you know we are doing well with your help from above.  

Your Family

Edited by my awesome sis, Celeste Silver Brown.


  1. Beautifully said! I miss Springs laugh and I miss her cute family, I was blessed to be their neighbor and it makes my heart happy to see all of you happy and smiling! What a beautiful family you have! Love Jolene PS tell Shane I finally have a car that I can unlock from phone if I need too🤣

  2. This was so beautiful! Congrats on your baby girl and hugs to all on these angelversaries.

    1. Thank you :) I hope you and your family are doing well.